Parts metal wire and stainless steel

Mr.Pierre Parrot takes over a small craft business in Dole, which manufactured stove hooks, squeegees and picnic grills.

Mr. Pierre Parrot becomes a subcontractor on behalf of the Societe Generale de Fonderie and on behalf of other foundries that had previously disappeared.

Only a couple of years later, the company begin to diversify its production of metal grids while continuing to work with subcontractors.

The company increases its influence and grows once with a higher demand for home appliances.

To better meet the demands for home appliances, Pierre Parrot decides to start the construction of a 1000 square meter factory on the current location and purchase an electrolysis galvanising line. Soon after, PARROT SA begins its collaboration with many large national home appliance manufacturers; the company then covers up to 70% of the needs of metal production.

Mister Jean-François Parrot became head of the commercial management of the company, which then had a staff of about twenty people.

Mister Pierre PARROT passes his business to his son, Jean Francois Parrot. 

The company's quality system is certified to ISO 9001 standards.

The export sales department is created and very quickly, the export share turnover represents about 20% of total company sales on the European markets.

PARROT Company adopts diversification strategies to meet the requirements of other markets such as automobiles and medical. This allows the company to continually improve its expertise and so be able to offer its customers products realized with modern, updated technologies.

The company is certificated ISO 9001.

In 2000, Mister Jocelyn PARROT takes over the commercial management of the company.  

Mister Jocelyn PARROT becomes CEO.
Following a partnership with one of its customers, the company invests in a phosphate technological line.

The company is certified to ISO TS 16949:2009.

Mr Jean-François
PARROT hands over the management of the company to his son, Jocelyn Parrot, the current President.

The company is certified to ISO 14001:2004 and invests in chemical processing technology.

The company continues to diversify its products and the customers are provided expertise in their wiring products, such as: multi-axis wire forming equipment, wire forming machine, tube bending machine, flat end machine fitted with robotic arm that can perform various operations (stamping, punching, etc.) .