Parts metal wire and stainless steel




Finally, the time has come for the surface treatment of the part, which has taken shape during the forming process. Complex and often subject to stringent standards, most surface treatments used to cover our items are produced internally, particularly on an automated Nickel Chrome line in the form of a carousel. Just as a carousel comes full circle, the part is now complete. We must now bring it to life in another universe!


  • Nickel / Nickel chrome line attachment:
    Plating tank size: 1000 mm x 550 mm x 450 mm
    Metals processed: steel, brass,
    electrolytic nickel

  • Barrel manganese phosphate coating
    Metals processed: steel

  • Powder coating, polyethylene, Rilsan coating, cataphoretic painting, zinc plating, passivation coating, electrolytic polishing