Parts metal wire and stainless steel


PARROT SA company was founded in 1945, and since then it has quickly become a leader in the manufacture of wire components for electrical appliances, having satisfied orders of major clients in the field.

Entirely devoted to the appliances market, the company decides in 1996 to follow the trend of relocation of its main customers in the Eastern countries and creates a subsidiary in Romania. The strategy will allow the company to consolidate its position on the market and get benefit from the growth of the Eastern European countries thus ensuring the development of society. 

Soon after, this leads to a diversification of wire parts produced by the company in various industries, such as: automobile industry, medical, furniture, industrial, cuisine metal items and decorations, and the company tries to significantly enlarge the offer.

This diversification has enabled the company to develop a real expertise and to be recognized as one of the major players capable of offering concrete answers to technical problems faced by the customers.

Having 45 years of experience in decorative nickel and chromium plating, and being supported by the local market demand, the company sets a major strategy (started in 2004 in France and Romania) consisting in developing the sub-contracting of the nickel chrome decorative plating. 

The investments are now directed towards two strategic areas: wire drawing and surface treatment after an investment in 2007 in phosphate processing equipment and in 2008 in a digital automated line for the production of wire technical parts.

Our methods of current production allowed us in 2014 to grow our business and develop the manufacture of wires and tubes, to expand our product lines so as to meet all our customers'needs.